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    On ATI web site, if you need to get the latest drivers for a Mobility Radeon, they redirect you to your PC manufacturer for the download. I'm equipped with a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi 1536, so I went on their site to download Catalyst for its ATI Mobility Radeon X1400. It was a big surprise to discover, after the installation, that OpenGL support was not given by Catalyst but by a "Generic GDI" driver that supports up to OpenGL 1.0; how come they don't give OpenGL support anymore?

    So I googled a few and soon I found out that to play my favourite videogame again I should have installed the modded desktop drivers. In my case, the ATI Radeon 1300 drivers did the trick. Here's what to do:

    1. Uninstall all ATI software
    2. Check out the Mobility Modder and download it
    3. Follow their simple instruction and you'll get it working easily

    Thanks, DriverHeaven!

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    There are tons of posts around the web trying to deal with Windows Vista Service Pack 1 error 80070002.  I can really say I've went through many, getting nothing to work anyhow. In the end, the only solution was to make an upgrade installation of Vista to reset every installed update and then install SP1 prior to running every other update.

    I've configured a dual boot partitioned hard drive, so first task was to erase the master boot record as  SP1 seems to have problems with multiple boot on the same hardrive. Hopefully, you didn't buy Ultimate... As long as commands like fdisk, fixboot, fixmbr simply doesn't exist in my Windows installation, I downloaded a nicely working program to accomplish this: MBRFix. Then, in the path of the executable, I simply ran:

     MbrFix /drive <num> fixmbr /vista

    Where <num> is the hard drive index. Refer to this page for complete instructions.

    Next, I downloaded the Windows Vista SP1 Standalone installer and turned off the internet connection! Then I wasted a couple of hours of my time reinstalling Vista as upgrade. When it was done I launched the SP1 standalone installer. Everything went allright. Done so, I turned on the internet connection and downloaded Windows updates.

    Lastly, I restored the MBR. I quote those instructions from an Ubuntu forum:

    1)Load up Live Session from Live CD
    2)Open a terminal
    3)Type these commands :

    sudo grub 
    find /boot/grub/stage1 
    root (hd0,x) 
    setup (hd0) 


    Replace the (0,x) with what it returned to u when u did find /boot/grub/stage1

    And that's all. I'll be fine 'till SP2 is out!

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    For the non programmers, some exegesis may be necessary: when a programmer starts to learn a new language, a typical first exercise is to program the computer to display the message "Hello World". So I started my blog this way, being a programmer and wanting this to be a programmer's blog.

    Here, you'll find articles about jobs, hints, tricks I came through in my coder career and maybe, some more or less sensefull thoughts I want to share, not sure about this one though.

    Just to make a slow start, if you didn't take a look at this yet, see how people write "Hello, world!" programs depending on their jobs and age!

    I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but I guess I'll keep on writing! Stay tuned for some more usefull stuff next to come...