• 25feb
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    I firmly believe that internet is one of the few, last independent media in my country, Italy. The sentence against a bunch of Google executives for hosting a video that shown violence against a down guy, is another step forward toward regime.
    This is not an ethical or privacy problem as it is passed for. It's unacceptable to ask pre-emptive control of the uploaded medias by the company or worse, by some "parliament" organs.
    Of course, it should not be in the funniest videos; but as soon as Google was notified, the video was removed and here end their duty.
    Furthermore, it's crucial that documents that show uncivil behaviors are exposed to the critics of the public attention.
    Because you would expect WE (internet users) judge it as wrong and immoral and WE take consciousness of the situation that surround us.
    Depicting our own country as "il bel paese", "lo paise du sole" ("The beautiful country", "The country of sunshine" (slang)) sure hasn't helped us to face problems yet.googleitalia

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