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    I'm starting a new post today and I'll update it when I spot new weird or funny things that I think are worth reporting. Here goes the list:

    Let me google it for you
    This is a nice joke to post on forums where people ask for solution to problems intensively discussed (and resolved) somewhere else. You just put the question in the "q" param et voilà!

    Best Ever gnome theme
    Really unusual gnome theme offered from this page, which the author says to be the best gnome theme ever. According to the comments, those who tried it agree.

    Chrome Extension: Nothing
    This extension does nothing. I really liked the comments, though!

    The WTFPL licence
    Because you'll never be free enough when it comes to licencing your code

    The Daily WTF
    "Curious Perversions in Informatic Tecnology"

    HTML tables generator
    Just in case you really need a HTML table...

    Primate Programming Inc
    Never hire a man to do a monkey's job

    Church of Google
    Is Google God?

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    What's being discussed right now by major software companies with main Internet Services Providers of many countries is part of differentiated services. Which means: TCP packet traversal will be given different quality of service (bandwidth, speed, etc) according to specific service agreements.
    This is not so new after all, and was already applied by ISP to final customers. But now, by applying it to content providers (depending on how free those two contractors are left by the absence of democratic laws in this field), the new paradigm of two track broadband highway could undermine the principle by which every content of the net is served equally with respect to the others.

    Since internet diffusion, it was possible for small companies of skilled individuals to oppose to big corporations when it came to releasing a new service to the public just because they made a better job. Just think about Youtube for instance: it was born in a garage, and became so appealing that later Google bought it. Now, what if Google videos were intrinsically (by service agreement with your ISP) streaming faster than Youtube ones? Many probably would have prefered, despite of features and of content richness, the most suitable service... I'm not saying that any of the two was better than the other, I'm just saying both made the other better because they were - until a certain point - competitors.

    We are likely to go toward an unfair competition situation. It must be avoided to preserve neutrality of internet. Infact, this new shape of internet would even be penalizing for "inconvenient" third parties, which would be asked themselves to pay to remain suitable by the majority of the users.

    In one word: oligopoly.

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    UPDATE 2011/05/29 In gnome shell 3.0.0 there is no concept of tray applets, but still I like to make a single startup script in wich I execute all the background programs needed, instead of creating lists of entries in the autostart registry
    I use this little script, which run at startup, to make stuff available

      "perl .bg-shifter"
    startup () {
        echo [email protected] "starting..."
        eval [email protected] &
    for (( i = 0 ; i < ${#programs[*]}  ; i++ )) do
       startup ${programs[i]}

    Skype needs "Start in tray option" to behave.

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    A small example of javascript and css to achieve the stretch effect of a background image in website design. It's very simple and it does not require any library; yet it won't work with IE6 ("and who cares?" I'd say...)

    Source code:stretch_bg.tar.gz

    Stretch background script

    Stretch background script

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    Two small steps to fix the problems had in suspending and resuming, which can be noticed using Fedora on many Sony VAIO:

    1. System hangs after suspend/hybernate
    2. The keyboard is not responding after resume/thaw

    1. Avoid hang
    UPDATE 2010/12/13: As of Fedora 14,  a built in script will deal with the deactivation and subsequent reactivation of problematic modules. It's name is /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/75modules.

    It only needs to be setup by creating a configuration file:
    sudo nano /etc/pm/config.d/modules

    If you wish to know how to identify the problematic modules, fedoraproject wiki is the place to go. In my case SD card reader turned out to be the cause of the hang, so I specified the following content:

    2. Rebind keyboard

    Recently a kernel parameter was introduced to rebind keyboard after resume, putting the word end to this long term bug. So all you have to do is (UPDATE 2012/04/18 for grub2)

    sudo nano /etc/default/grub

    and append  atkbd.reset to the kernel line, like this:

    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="... atkbd.reset"
    Don't forget to run grub2-mkconfig. Consequently, the system will take care of resetting the driver on resume.