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    I'm starting a new post today and I'll update it when I spot new weird or funny things that I think are worth reporting. Here goes the list:

    Let me google it for you
    This is a nice joke to post on forums where people ask for solution to problems intensively discussed (and resolved) somewhere else. You just put the question in the "q" param et voilĂ !

    Best Ever gnome theme
    Really unusual gnome theme offered from this page, which the author says to be the best gnome theme ever. According to the comments, those who tried it agree.

    Chrome Extension: Nothing
    This extension does nothing. I really liked the comments, though!

    The WTFPL licence
    Because you'll never be free enough when it comes to licencing your code

    The Daily WTF
    "Curious Perversions in Informatic Tecnology"

    HTML tables generator
    Just in case you really need a HTML table...

    Primate Programming Inc
    Never hire a man to do a monkey's job

    Church of Google
    Is Google God?


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